Posted by: HIM | 12 June 2009

President’s Post

Dear People of Hope,

Pastor Simon Eng

Pastor Simon Eng

Warmest Greetings in Jesus’ Wonderful Name!

After our wonderful time at the Kuching LC/GC, we are back to our respective localities. Many have testified of the significant times they had in Kuching. Praise God! May the challenge and inspirations received spur us on to a fruitful and effective few months ahead, till we meet again in August in Singapore.

Let me elaborate on what we plan to work on for the future.
I have categorised them under 4 “M”s.


We are still going for planting churches in all the known-nations of the world! This will not stop and the “detour” of the past few months will not cause us to lose sight of this goal.

In fact, we have assigned Pastor Willie to spear-head the push on this thrust. He and Cara will continue to focus on getting our Infrastructures right and ready; thus getting our pastors and leaders to keep up the momentum of planting more churches. Be ready to hear from them and of course, be ready to GO!

With this, Willie will coordinate all the goals that will be set by each Region and to work along with the pastors to reach those goals.


We realized that there are lots of things to be done, and we are getting our Group Heads to plan and develop various ministries to help our churches. Education, under James will be looking into materials and “courses” to help speed up the spiritual development of our people.

Church Growth, under Jeff, will be looking into helping our churches to grow beyond 100, 500 and 1,000! That’s a significant task and assignment. These are some of the ministries that will help in the progress of our churches. There are others too, but it is too long to write about them for now.


We realised the need to manage our manpower and resources well, as good stewards of our Lord. God has blessed us with many good hearted servants of God, and we need to mobilize them well.

Together with that, we are placing professionals, qualified personnel, to manage our financial resources and manpower. Angela, a qualified accounts graduate is looking after finance. Nicola, a well qualified sister, is on Human Resource. Then we have Hai Eng, a qualified management graduate with many years of banking experience, looking after the overall management systems. We are in good hands.


The church is called to rise to the maturity and fullness of Christ. We aim towards the maturity spoken of in Eph 4:11-16. We will be stable, spiritually growing and functioning as His mature members. What a revelation that will be to the world! It‘s a dream to see the church finally matured to His fullness, where presently, we see so much immaturity in the church.

Our teachings, our life examples and our times of worship should move us on to this quality and standard.

These are the FOUR areas (4Ms) we will continue to develop further. These are huge tasks. Pray for us.

Till I write the next time, God’s grace be over you and lead you into His Abundance!

Pastor Simon Eng



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